A world-class Fractional COO for your small business

Unblock and scale faster when the right talent joins your team.

Fractional Chief Operating Officer to help bridge the gaps
Fractional Chief Operating Officer to help bridge the gaps

Say NO to "Advisors"

We're not fans of paying $ for consultants who simply provide presentations, meet once a week, or assign worksheets.

As a Fractional COO, we're 100% hands-on and vested in your success. We become an integral part of your team.

A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding
A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding

What is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer?

A Fractional Chief Operating Officer is a part-time contractor that works 1-4 hours a day - no benefits or long-term contracts. They will bring their depth of experience and efficiency to helping you solve your most pressing business issues.

Fractional COOs are ideal for businesses in the $1M - $10M revenue range that are ready to scale to the next level, but may not have funds, in-house expertise, or hiring time to bring on a full-time world-class COO.

You will see the impact of an experienced fractional COO in less than a week of working with them.

group of people playing soccer
group of people playing soccer

Who you will work with

Our team is led by Ashish Gupta. With 2 exits in the e-commerce and tech industries, as well as management positions at Apple, Ashish has a wealth of practical experience and a deep interest in leadership that he brings to each company he works with.

At any given time, Ashish only holds 2-4 engagements so that the impact on each business is maximized.

How a Fractional COO helps your business scale

We have deep experience with the complete lifecycle of businesses and are experts in:

  • Developing a team culture that works when you're not there

  • Building superior leadership capabilities in management teams

  • Retooling processes in the company to ensure efficiency and optimize for goals

  • B2C marketing strategy and implementation

  • B2B sales team and process development

  • Supply chain and 3PL setup and optimization

  • Raising equity and debt funds

  • Preparing for a successful exit and M&A facilitation

  • Implementing a company system, such as EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

five men riding row boat
five men riding row boat

Our Customers, and where we've helped

Management Consulting:

Supply Chain, Procurement

Create Good FodsCreate Good Fods

Management Consulting:

Manufacturing, Logistics

Vegan Food Brand:

Scaling, Process Efficiency

Real Estate Investment:

Revenue Growth, Systems, Management


Strategy, Culture, Management

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